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The Observer, Info Security Europe, Forbes, Raconteur, The Times, The GuardianJournalists, RMGirl can help you!

Are you working on an article connected to information governance? Emily can provide commentary on data protection, privacy, records management and new tech.  She has over fifteen years of industry experience and a solid reputation in the records management industry.

A few facts:

Emily’s views tend to be central-left. She’s a massive supporter of the LGBTQ+, BLM/BAME, Trans and sex worker communities. Emily is pro-EU and a ‘Remainer’. She is passionate about privacy matters and the right to be left alone.

Media Entries

Most recent first:

3 July 2021


How to stop your emails from tracking you by Kate O’Flaherty

7 June 2021

Info Security Magazine

Google’s FLoC: Privacy Gone Amok? by Kate O’Flaherty

22nd May 2021 

Forbes / Forbes Europe

Apple AirTags: What All iPhone Users Should Know by Kate O’Flaherty

25th January 2021

The Sunday Observer (The Guardian)

“Is it time to leave Whatsapp – and is Signal the answer?” by Kate O’Flaherty

17th January 2021 

Forbes / Forbes Europe

“Google confirms Fitbit deal: Here’s what it means” by Kate O’Flaherty

2nd December 2020

Raconteur (The Times)

“The implications of the first digital census” by Rose Stokes

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